Who is the most important person in your practice? As much as you may like to think it is yourself, as the dentist – you’re wrong. It’s your team -specifically your team members who are responsible for answering your phone. These team members are at the forefront of your practice, they are your sales force, and are often the first point of contact a potential patient has with your practice.

As your advertising agency we know that we can get your phone to ring, but it will be up to your team to convert those calls into patients. Practices with the best teams will yield the best results from their marketing. They are more successful in scheduling the first appointment, and once the patient comes in they are more confident in asking for a referral and retaining every patient. That’s why we offer a number of tools to make sure your team is up to speed.

Then once your calls start rolling in, we’ll be listening. With practices all over the country, we’ve listened to thousands of phone calls and are happy to give your team constructive criticism. With RAMP’s call tracking system you will have your own personal access to our live back office dashboard so you can monitor activity and listen to your calls for team training and quality assurance as well.

Make sure to take advantage of our online team training, our team training quiz for C.E. credits, and our team training literature. Contact your RAMP Account Advisor for more details.