While this medium has lost much of it’s audience to internet search engines, for some practices it may still be a Return on Investment staple. Phone book marketing is one more piece of the overall campaign puzzle.  Your ad should reflect consistency that matches the rest of your marketing. For that, RAMP’s design team can develop a print ready ad built to your specifications.


One way the yellow pages has tried to save their declining business is by getting into other mediums like online SEM or local magazines.  Often, the yellow pages promises the world in terms of guaranteed response to their online campaigns – buyer beware.  What you want is new patients from your marketing, not existing ones.  Ask your RAMP Account Advisor to analyze your phone book proposal and make a recommendation with your practices best interest at heart.

Additionally, we’ve seen a LOT of phone impostors that have popped up recently that prey on dentists. The familiar e-mail with time sensitive documents and a “sign now” message.  Often these contain an almost identical replica of the age old yellow page logo you are used to seeing.  Once you sign these contracts you’re locked in, but it may not even be the popular phone people anyone is familiar with.  Take advantage of the benefits you have working with RAMP – send those phone book contracts our way, we’ll make sure you are not being scammed.

The internet is often referred to as the new age phone book.  Less and less people are opening up the old phone book pages, and more and more people are searching online.  Click here to learn more about how you can be at the top of these searches for your area.