Personalized, Customized Dental Websites with Responsive Design.

RAMP always recommends that dentists use a website to complement their radio and other advertising. According to a study completed by yaleglobal (an online survey provider), 70 percent of all Americans use the Internet for at least one hour per day. In addition, RAMP research shows that over 50% of the people who hear or see an advertisement for dentistry will investigate the website before they call. Your external advertising and your website work in synergy to bring the patient closer to treatment.

Your website should be a reflection of your practice. It should have a professional look and feel. It should be unique, not something “cookie cutter” that is being used by hundreds of dentists across the country. It should be easy to navigate and provide complete dental content that is easily found as they browse your site.  Most importantly, it should have a responsive design.  Which means your website adjusts itself according to the viewing screen offering the best user experience possible.

As a full service advertising agency RAMP can help take your website to a whole new level.  Because external advertising pushes people to view your website you want to make sure that it is found easily when they search.  You want a site that portrays the image you would like it to reflect and coincides with your branding.  Whether you need a new website with a fresh look, responsive design, and top notch SEO; or you would like to explore other options like search engine marketing, the RAMP team is here to help.

Custom Design

You will receive a customized, professional layout that will look and feel consistent, not a generic template that is used throughout the country. The photos, colors, font, etc will all be related to you and your practice. There are no restrictions on the number of pages you can have, and no extra charges based on the amount of pages you decide to use.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

SEO is the science behind positioning on the search engines like Yahoo and Google. RAMP will register your website will be on all the major search engines as well as the national and local internet dental directories. Each page of your site will receive superior SEO designs that will meet the on and off page criteria for search engine ranking. We’ll use special techniques for positioning including the creation of “backlinks” from directory registrations and the inclusion or relevant key words and key word density.

Dental Content

Choose exactly what clinical content you want from our huge library of dental conditions and procedures. In addition to the stock professional content that is available, you will have the opportunity to completely customize all the copy on your site. It will be modified according to your specialties, location and any other specifications that you require.

Easy to Update

One of the best features of RAMPSites is how easy it is to make changes. If you want to add a new photo, it can be done that day. Have a patient that just completed a full mouth reconstruction, have the before-and-after picture on your website before the patient leaves the office!

Domain Name

The primary address of your site is your domain name. RAMP will register a domain name for you, like, or use one that you already have. The domain name will always belong to you, and RAMP will host the site for you.