10 Things to Ask Your Website ProviderQuestions for your website Provider

There are a number of options to develop a web presence – you can develop a site on your own, you can hire a developer to build a site from scratch or you can use a pre-existing customized template. Regardless of the solution you choose, you should be asking the following questions:

Is your website responsive?

It used to be that you needed a mobile friendly website. Not anymore.  You want to make sure that your website is responsive providing an optimal viewing and interaction experience for the user.  Your site should automatically adapt to the layout of the viewing screen whether that be a monitor, a table, or a mobile device.  This allows for easy reading and navigation with minimal resizing and scrolling.

Does your web developer offer you unlimited pages?

RAMP websites offer unlimited pages. In fact, we can start you off with over 60 pages of dental procedures and related dental content.

Does the image portrayed by your website truly convey the image and feel of your practice?

Our sites provide maximum customization! From colors to graphics and pictures, your site does not go live until it meets your approval.

Do you own your own Web Address?

Use an existing web address or RAMPsites will buy one on your behalf – Either way, with RAMPsites you own the web address. Why spend years branding a website address you do not actually own?

Are you locked into a contract?

With RAMPsites there are no annual contracts – cancel any time if you are not satisfied.

Does your hosting company provide Google™ Analytics?

RAMPsites uses Google™ Analytics to track web page and web site statistics. We can then adjust your site to maximize site optimization.

Can you update your site’s content on a regular basis?

With RAMPsites you can add or delete text content as often as you like – with no additional costs to you.

Are you employing the latest search engine optimization (SEO) techniques?

The top search engines have changed the way they rank pages. RAMPsites ensures that we are always in compliance with SEO techniques and maximize your results by staying on top of these trends.

Do you have one comprehensive website including all of your specialties, or do you have a separate website for each of your specialties?

RAMPSites provides ONE comprehensive website for general, cosmetic, sedation and dental specialties. One site, One brand, one low cost.

Does your hosting company provide Google™ Analytics?

RAMPSites uses Goggle Analytics to track web page and web site statistics. We can then adjust your site to maximize patient experience.

Does your website include up to 15 FREE, professional email addresses for you and your team?

RAMPSites can set you and up to 14 team members and associates with professional email addresses based on your web site address (I.e. [email protected])