Website Analytics

Developing a website is an important step for any dental practice that wishes to advertise, particularly to high-value patients. However, having a website and having a presence on the Internet are two different issues. RAMP uses Google Analytics to maximize your exposure when people search for a dentist or a dental procedure on any search engine.

Analytics are an essential component in optimizing your practice’s marketing strategies and tactics. Understanding how visitors are using your website is as important as understanding how they got on your website. This is particularly important if you are spending money on external marketing.

That is why RAMPSites utilizes the latest in website analytics through Google. We analyze how visitors found your site as well as how visitors explore your website to identify dental trends and new marketing opportunities. We can report back to you information such as (but not limited to):

  • Keywords
  • Traffic Sources (direct, referring and search engines)
  • Number of visitor (unique versus returning)
  • Average visit duration (site versus page)
  • Pages visited
  • Top Content
  • Top exit pages, etc…