RAMP Marketing Company for Dentists RESULTS

Our value proposition is quite simple:
We’ll grow your business by attracting more high-value patients



A few very brief, baseball analogies, then we promise to explain the sports metaphors later on.

Our record at RAMP is world-champion caliber. We’ve been in the major leagues for 17 years (almost 18), and during that time we’ve consistently batted a phenomenal .800 for our clients.

That’s right. Eight out of every ten new patients we attract through our proprietary strategies are classified by our clients as “high value.” That compares to a batting average of just .100, or one out of every ten new patients, for the majority of other dental practices.

Since our founding in 2001, RAMP has been integral in helping more than 1,000 dental practices realize their dreams, generating more than $1 billion in dental production*.

Of course, we’re proud of those results, but none of our winning stats matter other than the ones we produce for you and your practice(s). At RAMP, we never rest on our laurels. We’re strictly focused on today and tomorrow, and how we can propel your practice to one record-breaking year after another.

* All that experience and investment on behalf of other dentists work in your favor, because we’ve had ample opportunity to refine our sophisticated methodologies and then deploy that knowledge on your behalf. 

Is successful dental marketing a science?


Is successful dental marketing an art?


Is that a contradiction in terms?


Just Between Us

A Strategic Blend of Art & Science

Okay, we’re about to explain how we combine the art of dental marketing with the science.

But please, don’t share this with our competitors.

We prefer them scratching their heads trying to decode our proven blueprint.

To start, we recognize that you – our client – are unique in all the world and everything about your practice is singular, from the patients you seek to serve and the team you’ve recruited to assist you, to the ways you choose to treat and interact with everyone who seeks your care.

So (this is the art part of the equation), we begin by getting to know you and mapping out your goals. Together, we decide what message we should deliver and through what media channels will we transmit that message in order to attract the new high-value patients that you seek.

Now the science. We depend on exacting, objective market research – not hunches – to tell us where and how to target your marketing message in the most cost-effective manner available.  Basically, you get a New York Yankees championship marketing campaign on an Oakland A’s budget.

What Does Full-Service Mean?

The Whole Shebang

RAMP is a full-service advertising agency. That means end-to-end marketing that encompasses every detail of a successful campaign.

We deliver the whole shebang.

Our core capabilities include custom creative for print, radio, television, outdoor, direct mail, and, of course, the Internet advertising. We seldom use all of these channels for any single client, but we are masters at determining which one or ones will deliver the optimal results for you and your goals.

Modesty aside, we’re also awesome when it comes to buying media. We promise to get you the most bang for your advertising dollar. When buying media placements on your behalf, we won’t follow the conventional agency playbook (no surprise, really) – opting instead to utilize trusted metrics to purchase the most effective reach for the smallest possible investment.

You’ll soon discover expanded flexibility in how you spend your time – both at work and during your personal hours


RAMP dentists make their dreams a reality more often and much sooner than most other dentists. Many of our clients find themselves carving out larger portions of their schedules for pro-bono patients who they previously couldn’t afford to take on – including life-affirming dental missions to impoverished communities.

Other dreams of actual RAMP clients – repeatedly realized – include: Acquiring one or more additional practices; funding entrepreneurial startups; purchasing vacation homes and working ranches; taking luxurious cruises; buying boats and yachts; paying cash for their children’s or grandchildren’s education; funding the education of underprivileged students; creating charitable foundations; and building large and comforting nest eggs.

And why not?

Each RAMP-fueled achievement is well-earned and well-deserved given all of the dedication, skill, and intensive labor our dentists invest in the oral health and well-being of their patients.

Think of The Dental Good Life™ as your return on that investment.


By now, most people – even those who don’t particularly like sports – know the revolutionary story of the 2002 and 2003 Oakland Athletics major league baseball team. It was a team that had no business whatsoever winning, but did.

The incredible run of the Oakland A’s to the top of the American League West and playoffs was captured in the book Moneyball by bestselling author Michael Lewis and, in 2011, turned into a major feature film starring Brad Pitt.

Basically, the A’s coaches discarded the playbook that every team in baseball relied on since the days when the Boston Beaneaters battled the Brooklyn Bridegrooms (the teams’ actual names) in the late 1800s. Gone were baseball’s reliance on the gut instincts, conventions, personal preferences, and consensus thinking that governed virtually all player-personnel decisions.


In their place, the A’s adopted an ingenious system that relied on empirical data and statistical analysis to determine – against all precedent – whom to recruit and how to structure their on-field lineup. Although the New York Yankees outspent the A’s on player payroll by nearly four to one in 2002, the Athletics remained astonishingly competitive.

These days, almost every professional sports team – not just in baseball – follows some version of the A’s approach.

Superior Results Without Working Any Harder


At RAMP – the Dentist’s Advertising Agency – we embraced Dentistball™ even before the A’s did, back in 2001.

Ever since, our empiric method of marketing has produced a consistent winning record for our clients – at a fraction of the cost of “conventional” dental marketing.

In fact, while these days just about everyone knows us as RAMP (and the Bridegrooms as the Los Angeles Dodgers), RAMP is actually an acronym for the words “Revolutionary Advertising Media Partners.”

Like the ’02 and ’03 Athletics, we’ve been revolutionary in our methods from the very beginning.

Unlike the A’s, however, we still have the field more or less to ourselves, as our proprietary technique of relying on hard data and sophisticated market research has proven inscrutable to would-be competitors.

While even our clients may not fully understand our highly refined, research-based, measured marketing strategies, they know this: We Deliver Superior Results (hence, our website address, www.RAMPResults.com).



Funny, but the most common question that dentists and their team members ask after reaching out and hearing our story for themselves is this:

“Why did I wait so long?”

Working with us is a no-brainer. It’s like playing a Vegas slot machine that is rigged to pay out much more than you insert. Why wouldn’t you play?

We make this guarantee:

Working with RAMP and implementing our exclusive strategies, you will capture more high-value patients for your practice than you would with any other (and we mean any other) advertising agency.

So… shoot us an email or give us a call at 888-705-9896.

Our consultation costs nothing and is definitely worth your time.

RAMP is the passageway to the professional life you’ve always desired.

So, please, contact us right away.

When it comes to pursuing your dreams, there are no rain checks.