Nothing speaks more highly of our services than what our clients say about us. Below are just a few of the many responses we have received that reflect the quality and effectiveness of our client’s marketing campaigns.

“RAMP has done a great job of getting the word out about sedation dentistry to prospective patients. We have been using the radio for well over a year now and have been getting a steady stream of sedation patients ever since.” – Darin Bach


“I have been a RAMP Client for over three years, and have had great success with my radio ads from the beginning. RAMP has provided great scripts and helped me record them well, and has placed them strategically for an incredible return on my modest investment. People who are extremely fearful, or who have neglected their teeth for a long time, are usually embarrassed and don’t discuss the subject with others, even family members. Radio is the most effective way to reach out to them, and RAMP is the most effective way to use radio.” – Jim Crummett


RAMP Results Testimonials Julian
“After I was approached by a local TV rep, I discussed the details with my RAMP advisor. The RAMP media team not only evaluated the package from the station, but was able to negotiate a better deal. From there, I worked with RAMP on creating my custom television commercials. I couldn’t have been happier with the entire process and ended up with 3 TV commercials” – Dr. Jon Julian


RAMP Results Testimonials Griffith
“We have used other advertising companies in the past, and other forms of media, and it was always hit or miss. I can’t imagine anything working better than what we have done with RAMP. It really makes us want to keep doing it. In fact, we’ve already had to add two new staff members!” – Dr. Bryan Griffith


RAMP Results Testimonials Tuttle
“Typically, these high fear patients are not out there looking for a dentist. If there is something special going on at your office, the only way they are going to find out about it, is if you let them know. That’s why I made the decision to go ahead and start on the radio – and it has made a dramatic difference!” – Stephen Tuttle, DDS


RAMP Results Testimonials Willits
“I cannot believe the response from the radio ads. Wow! If you want to do the sedation and have not signed up for the radio ads, ANTE UP. We get 1 – 3 calls, plus 1 or 2 emails a day from our website.” – David Willits, DDS


RAMP Results Testimonials Sanders
“The team at RAMP made it very easy to get started with the program, and I got some results right away. I’ve been on the air for more than a year now, and it just keep getting better and better. Listen to me – the folks at RAMP know what they’re doing. If you want to do more sedation, get RAMP and get on the radio!” – Dr. Clarke Sanders


RAMP Results Testimonials Julian
“Sedation patients have fears, but cosmetic patients have aspirations. They’re two very different kinds of patients. When people hear they can get a lot of work done in each appointment, while they’re totally comfortable, it makes them choose us for their cosmetic dentistry instead of an office that doesn’t offer sedation.” – Dr. Fred Hermanson


RAMP Results Testimonials McAnaney
“If you’re not on the radio telling people about sedation dentistry and what you have to offer to them, then you are missing the biggest opportunity that has come your way in a long time or possibly for ever. You can be a hero in your community and to your patients by helping people get what they have always been looking for but could never find!” – Steve Mc Ananey, DDS


RAMP Results Testimonials Friedman
“Last month five people came in from the radio with a total treatment worth 70K. I’m actually having trouble finding time for people who have already paid!” – Mitchell Friedman, DDS