Best Jobs in America

Why being a dentist is the best job in America.

Facebook: Waste of Time for Most Advertisers

Learn more about facebook as an advertising tool.

Adapt Your Message

Your demographic market may dictate subtle yet important differences between your campaign and your equally successful colleague in another radio market. Failure to recognize the idiosyncrasies of your market may lead to a painful and expensive learning curve. This article addressees the need to adapt your message to the needs of your marketplace.

Apples to Apples

When considering an advertising campaign it’s important to compare apples to apples. Some bargain ‘packages’ may be too good to be true. RAMP’s media buyers and those of other reputable advertising agencies help clients to spend their budgets efficiently instead of just looking for the cheapest spots available. Read more about the what it means to compare apples to apples when planning an advertising campaign.

Best Month Ever

This article addresses how your radio commercials and the website work in synergy to bring patients closer to treatment which can lead to your Best Month Ever.

Don’t Waste Your Money

The practices we work with at RAMP are some of the best in the world of sedation dentistry. One of the qualities that separate the good from the great is an outstanding front office. Read more about the importance of your front office in making connections and starting relationships with prospective patients.

Hot Dog Vendors

Does a hot dog vendor advertise? When your product has a low dollar value, even if your profit margin is decent, your profit-per-sale is small. That’s why hot dog vendors don’t advertise. Dentists with successful marketing campaigns market their high-dollar services, because these are the ones that can really bring in the ROI (Return on Investment). Read this article to learn more about the economics of advertising.

How Many Spots

It’s important to get out of the “how many spots” mindset. It’s not about numbers – it’s about effectiveness. Read about the process RAMP media buyers utilize when planning the frequency of commercials in an advertising campaign.

Perception vs. Reality

Before you buy into traditional assumptions about marketing, make sure that you know the reasoning behind the assertion. This article addresses several common misconceptions regarding advertising.

Your Favorite Station

Media buying is executed based upon a number of factors that include a host of quantitative and qualitative demographic statistics. Read more about why our personal opinions about a station’s programming are irrelevant.