Claim your Google Places Page
Search Engines have virtually replaced phone books for the majority of consumers. Google, the largest and most commonly used Search Engine, gives every business an opportunity to get close to the top of Page One Search Results for FREE. No PAID advertising or SEO needed. Do a search for sedation dentist in (city, state) and see what dental practices come up in the Google Maps section. Are you there?

If you haven’t already claimed your Google Places listing in the Google Maps section,  do it right away. Once claimed, you will need to optimize it by adding images, videos, completing the services offered section and building citations. Remember, it’s FREE and will get you ABOVE any Organic Website Listings.

Bulk up your website content

Content is King. The more relevant written content you have on your website the better rating score your website will receive from Google and other Search Engines.

Your website needs to engage, capture attention, stimulate interest and establish credibility. As mention earlier, Search Engines have replaced phone books. Long gone are the days of people reading ads in the phone book and deciding who to call based on a list of services. Plus, people want information and they want it fast. If they can’t find what they are looking for they will simply move on to the next website. You need to be proactive and make sure you have sufficient, easy to find written content on your website.

Email your existing patients
Don’t underestimate your current patient base. Not everyone looking for sedation options is doing so out of fear. Many people have very busy schedules and although they need a lot of work done, they just can’t fit it into their schedule. It’s a sure bet you have many outstanding case presents in your database. Your current patients are great starting point to promote new services like sedation and any other changes you’ve made in your office. Be sure to email all current patients to notify them about any new services you provide.
Don’t forget about the Smart Phone users
Having a mobile website is becoming increasingly important in today’s world. Having a mobile website makes your practice easily accessible to a growing mobile audience. Consumers are using their smart phones for everything – information, news, entertainment, shopping, research, purchasing decisions, finding local areas of interest, and much more. According to Eric Schmidt, Google’s CEO, “the Mobile Web is growing eight times faster than the first wave of online Internet adoption and 85 percent of Americans are never more than three feet from their cell phones.”

Websites designed for the desktop/laptop do not work well on mobile devices. Asking your users to pinch and zoom to read your content is not user friendly. A mobile-ready site makes finding answers quick and easy. If your competition has a mobile website, you need one as soon as possible too – or risk losing your customers to businesses with a mobile presence. A business with both a mobile-friendly website and a standard site has a distinct advantage over businesses that do not have a mobile site. Search engines and directories rank mobile-optimized businesses higher than their competition.

YouTube can be a powerful asset
YouTube is not just a forum for watching crazy videos of dogs on skateboards or people acting out their favorite Star Wars scene. It’s also an opportunity to market your practice to thousands of people looking for dental related services in your area.

A lot of companies are now using web videos to educate consumers on their products or services. It’s an indirect marketing strategy that should be used in conjunction with your overall external marketing plan. The best part is that you don’t need a big advertising budget. A small flip cam and a little creativity can go a long way. Your videos should inform and educate people on you, your practice, the types of services you offer etc. You can even do a series of videos on specific topics such as Sedation Dentistry. Get the whole office team involved and have fun with it.