At Ramp, we take pride in providing solutions and services that enable dental practices to increase marketing effectiveness and capture more patients. Tracking return on investment has always been a difficult task, particularly when you have multiple marketing initiatives running simultaneously. To help improve tracking, RAMP can provide your practice with national toll-free, vanity, repeater, or local telephone numbers to implement to each of your advertisements. RAMP call tracking phone numbers are routed directly to your practice and give you the ability (through our secure website) to track response and monitor results from your individual marketing initiatives. Best of all, if you are a traditional RAMP client this call tracking service is FREE.

  • Track valuable phone leads and capture information about every caller.
  • Measure patient response and ROI for each advertisement or campaign.
  • Respond effectively to your calls.
  • Convert more callers to appointments.
  • Utilize call recordings for team training purposes.

RAMP Call Tracking Features:

Call Tracking – Allows you to track the time and duration of calls from specific marketing campaigns. You can then measure the effectiveness of each message or offer.

Mail Master Data Collection – When available, caller contact information is collected. This data includes name, address, phone number and neighborhood level demographic data. This information can be used for post follow-up and targeted response tracking.

Call Record – Calls are digitally recorded allowing you to evaluate response and improve your team’s appointment scheduling.

On-line Reporting – Manage campaigns, review call data and listen to your recorded calls from our secure website. Ask your RAMP Account Advisor for your login and password.

Call Tracking Login

Your account manager will work with you to analyze your production numbers, assess your individual campaign success, and make tweaks to your campaign when necessary to make sure you are maximizing your ROI. Also, take advantage of our ROI tracking Sheets and Investment monitoring techniques to help gain the most comprehensive view of your marketing results. Your account manager will provide you with a unique username and password to gain access to the following dashboards.

Call Tracking Data

To monitor the tracking results for your campaign (excluding online campaigns) login through the portal below.

Pay Per Click Monitoring

For access to your online Pay Per Click back office monitoring system login through the following portal.