The brochure is a staple marketing piece in many practices for good reason. It is practical and versatile, and when properly executed, quite an effective tool.

Like any marketing piece, you want your brochure specifically designed to generate the type of dentistry which you’re trying to build in your practice. For most, this means creating a brochure which is focused on high-dollar, high-value, patients.

Man reading a sedation brochure

Classic Brochures

A great fit for many practices, the classic brochure delivers proven results along with great value and convenience. All the classic brochures have proven track records, as they have been repeatedly used by your peers in different markets around the country. Why re-invent the wheel, when the classic brochure delivers time-tested results at a very reasonable price. Ordering and re-ordering can be as simple as a phone call, and often, as quick as next-day mail.

Semi-Custom Brochures

Take the proven success of the classic brochure, and add a custom touch with your practice name address and logo. This simple upgrade from the classic brochure gives your brochure some continuity with your marketing campaign and instantly identifies the practice.

Custom Brochures

When continuity of look and message is paramount, practices turn to the RAMP custom brochure. This brochure is designed from scratch to the exact specifications of your practice. You work closely with your RAMP advisor to develop the specific target demographics, look and message you need, and the RAMP design team will create a piece that combines tested principles and techniques with your unique vision.

Discuss your specific goals with your RAMP representative to see which of the RAMP brochure programs fits your needs.

View RAMP’s Brochures Samples below.

Brochures are a great way to package information about your practice or a procedure in a simple, eye-catching design. A well-made brochure will grab the attention of the patient or potential patient and provide them the information they need while inspiring them to take action.

A brochure should be clear, attractive, and brief.  More importantly, it should portray the image and the look and feel you want for your practice as well as coincide with all other aspects of your branding.  Talk to your account advisor about getting a professionally designed RAMP brochure for your practice.