RAMP has placed more dental practice radio advertising in the last five years than most advertising agencies will ever place. We are the undisputed leaders in this category – and for good reason. We are the best.

RAMP understands the elements of a successful radio campaign.

  • A responsive audience
  • A strong message
  • An appropriate frequency
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The Right Audience

Because the Ramp Philosophy is based on efficiency, targeting the right people is paramount. You can target the patients you want to attract by using the right radio station, and airing your commercials in the proper day-parts. The RAMP team has experience with markets of all sizes. We are experts at targeting the right demographic population to serve the specific needs of your practice.

The Right Message

This is not as easy as you might think. The commercial that “sounds” the best may not attract very many quality new patients. The RAMP team knows that the best commercial is the one that makes the phone ring with qualified leads – that is prospective patients with both the need for your services, and the means for paying your fees. Practices sometimes spend years of time and tens of thousands of advertising dollars trying to find the right words for their commercials. RAMP guarantees that your commercials will be successful right from the start.

The Right Frequency

How many times must my commercial play to get the message across? How much money should I budget? What should a commercial cost in my radio market? The answers to these questions can make or break your radio advertising campaign. RAMP’s formula for success is based on years of experience with various dentistry radio campaigns. We’ve placed thousands of radio schedules for dentists, so we know the most efficient way to spend your valuable marketing dollars.