“Why do I need advertising when referrals are my number one source of new patients?”


Your number one source of new patients is always going to be internal referrals from your current patient base. Making marketing externally ultra important in creating the umbrella of success for your practice. A patient from your marketing today is a referral source tomorrow. Many of our long term clients enjoy the benefits of this effect and continue to see exponential growth for their practice. Referrals are the engine, and marketing is the gasoline.

Keep your new patient referrals coming in the door by offering an incentive to your existing patients to refer their friends and family. Referral card programs are not a new concept, but here at RAMP we’ve brought them into the 21st century. Utilizing a sleek plastic gift card, similar to a credit card, we have created a perception of value that has patients holding on to their referral cards rather than ditching them in the trash on their way out of your office. Best of all, they require no special internal integration systems or programs. So they’re easy on your staff, and on your wallet.

Ask your RAMP Account Advisor about how a referral card program can help increase your new patient referrals.