The RAMP System

RAMP experts take into account the following key elements when developing your advertising campaign:

  • Target the patients and the type of dentistry you want to generate
  • Use experience and research to determine which media will be most effective
  • Plan a campaign that efficiently reaches the target audience
  • Design a message that inspires potential patients to respond
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The most important element to an efficient campaign is targeting. You need to have a clear idea of what kind of cases you want to generate and who your target audience is. Then you target only the media that efficiently reaches those people. Click here to learn more about targeting to reach the patients you want for your practice.


Where you advertise is just as important as what you say. The truth is that every medium has a job, and every medium has strengths and weaknesses. RAMP’s experience with all types of media make them ideally suited to advise you on what is likely to help achieve your goals. Read more about various media by clicking here.


Three things are necessary to plan an effective campaign:

  • Experience
  • Objectivity
  • Information

Creative Design

Nothing is more important than your advertising message. The message is crucial for campaign success. With over 15 years of Dental Advertising Experience, we know what works.  Don’t reinvent the wheel when you can work with the RAMP team to develop customized creative that will make your brand shine, and bring in the patients you want to attract.


We are all about ROI, and want to make sure you are seeing a Return on Your Investment. One way we do this is by implementing a call tracking phone number on your campaign and give you exclusive access to our online dashboard so you can listen and monitor your call activity.