Advertising campaigns are best planned long-term because over time their effectiveness increases exponentially. It is best to plan well at the beginning and stick to the plan. You will fail if you constantly execute different hastily executed and prematurely terminated campaigns.

When you see an advertising campaign created for a large household name brand (Coco-cola, Target, you get the idea), notice how the messaging, branding and graphics flawlessly flow from TV, to radio, to print, to online advertising.

These large-scale national campaigns cost a pretty penny, but there’s something to be learned from them. These campaigns are effective and efficient with consistent branding. Often media consumers recognize the ad in a fraction of a second by the colors, font, logos, or jingles.

However, all too often we find dental practices inefficiently executing a campaign – colors, logos, and branding are different from print, television and the Web site, etc.

And why is it considered a mistake?

Well, essentially your practice is competing with itself. Rather than building brand equity and recognition when potential customers see your advertising efforts across various media, they can be confused and either forget that they’ve seen your ads before, or think that you are a different business and a competitor.

Your team at RAMP will make sure your branding is consistent and work with you to creative cohesive campaigns that work synergisticly together.