Pay-Per Click Advertising

How to you get to the number one slot of a Google search? You pay for it. Using RAMP’s Pay-Per-Click system you can take advantage of the fastest growing medium in advertising right now. The internet is the most accountable form of advertising ever invented for local businesses. Whether you simply want to attract new patients, or you’re interested in promoting a new location, new products or services, RAMP will position you for success.

Our PPC system reaches local consumers who are actively looking for a local dental practice. Our automated system adjusts your campaigns keywords in order to maximize your position on all major search engines. There are literally millions of online searches being conducted for local products or services – and the majority of these consumers still buy off-line. RAMP can properly position your practice online within your local service area, and capture these leads and prospects.

  • Every month, 63% of U.S. Internet users (109 million people) conduct local searches online.
  • More than 90% of those searching for local products or services called, contacted or visited a local merchant business.
  • For every one dollar spent online, another five or six are going to offline purchases that are influenced by online research. Increasing your visibility online drives new walk-in patients.

In addition to maximizing placement and cost efficiencies we employ professionally designed ads by Goodle Adwords Professionals utilizing RAMP’s fifteen plus years of dental marketing experience. RAMP PPC ads are automatically optimized to your website content to maximize copy relevancy for higher conversion rates and lower cost per click rates. If you’re interested in growing your practice or reaching “ready-to-buy” customers locally, regionally or nationally, then RAMP is your solution.

The RAMP system is based on search engine “pay-per-click” model, so if prospects don’t respond to your advertising by clicking thru to your website, you don’t spend anything. Campaign results are imperially measurable. Impressions, phone calls, emails and all website activity is all tracked on a regular basis.

Most companies put an emphasis on impressions & clicks, we track click through rates as well as contacts made directly to your practice.   After all, what we really want to measure is your new patients not simply the number of times your ad was displayed. Your RAMP account advisor will provide you with a username and password so that you can monitor your campaign, listen to calls, and track results.

  • Geo-scoping and targeting your specific market minimizes waste.
  • Estimated Searches Per-Month
  • Prominent placement on major search engines and online directories drives results.
  • Full tracking and activity reports provide peace-of-mind.

Tracking with Metrics

Your website will consistently be tracked for its page ranking by our team. Metrics are set up to measure the numbers of hits that you receive on your website and to track what works or does not work. These metrics will measure:

    • PAGE HITS: How many times each individual page on your website is visited per day, week or month.
    • IMPRESSIONS: How many times your ad was displayed in a search.
    • CONVERSION RATE: How many people make a contact to your practice compared to the number of unique visitors to the website. We’ll track the leads generated through the websites as well as calls made through the phone number listed on the site. You will be able to login and listen to your calls to see who is making appointment, and for team training purposes.
    • SEARCH ENGINE HITS: How many unique visitors entered your website. We determine what keywords and phrases are working best for converting your patients. We’ll take these keywords into consideration and incorporate them to increase your search engine exposure.
    • ENTRY/EXIT PAGE: What page a unique visitor enters and on what page they exit. An analysis of this data will enable us to see where most people enter the website and exit the site. This will show us which pages are supporting the site’s call-to-action – a qualified appointment.
    • KEYWORDS: We’ll track what words your patients are using to get to your site and adjust your campaign accordingly.