Return on Investment

ROI is crucial. With dental marketing, it’s all about the bottom line. To learn more about maximizing ROI, click here.


ROI is achieved through efficiency. Since every method will work to some extent, we need to determine what will work best. Click here to better understand the importance of efficiency in advertising.


Consistent marketing is efficient. Marketing is a marathon – not a sprint. To read more about consistent marketing, click here.


Because efficiency is the goal, targeting is the strategy. A targeted marketing campaign is one that is focused on the demographic population that has the two things we are after – the need for our services and the means to pay for them. Click here to learn more about how targeting can help you reach the patients you want.

High Value Services

Market for more of your Biggest Cases. Dentists with successful marketing campaigns market their high-dollar services, because these are the ones that can really bring in the ROI. For a further discussion about marketing high-value services, click here.

Why do I even need an agency? Can’t I do this by myself?

There’s no reason why you couldn’t handle your own marketing as long as you have plenty of extra time on your hands. For that matter, there’s no reason that you couldn’t do your own taxes, repair your own car, shingle the roof of your house, and handle all the hygiene patients in your practice. You are smart enough and physically able to handle all of these chores.

The real question you need to ask is whether you are the right person for the job.

Click here for a series of questions that will help you better understand what is involved in being your own advertising agency.