The Essentials of Planning


You don’t want to be your dentist’s very first root canal patient. You also don’t want your practice to be your media buyer’s first dental client. And you don’t want to have a TV novice planning your $50,000 television campaign – especially if that novice is an expert in dentistry and not marketing! RAMP has the most experienced team of media professionals in dental advertising today! We currently serve 150 clients in over 200 markets, large, medium and small, from Anchorage, to Miami, to a small town in Ontario. Our media buyers handle over $4 million annually in radio advertising alone.


Who do you trust to make media recommendations? When you go to a Honda dealer, you’re pretty sure they are not going to recommend a Volvo. The salesperson will tell you all about the Honda’s features and benefits because he or she is paid by Honda to sell Hondas. Advertising sales representatives also get paid to sell advertising for their own brand. Your radio sales rep is not going to recommend that you spend some of your budget on TV, and he or she certainly won’t tell you the benefits of another radio station. To get objective information, you need to rely on the advice of someone who’s interests are aligned with your own. Independent media buyers, like RAMP, make their recommendations based only on what is right for your practice. Every advertiser needs a media buyer who is only interested in results. RAMP works for the best interests of our dental clients, and we have no preference for any particular media or media company.


Your information needs to be objective, accurate and current. RAMP uses the industry’s most sophisticated tools like Arbitron, Nielson, and Prizm, to analyze and rank the audience for every media source. This state of the art research and technology are the same resources used by the world’s biggest advertisers for their own campaigns.