Return on Investment

Concepts like brand awareness and market saturation mean nothing if we are spending more on advertising than the campaign is generating in revenue. RAMP plans campaigns with Return on Investment (ROI) in mind. Our Account Advisors will work with you and your team to monitor response, and make campaign adjustments when maximum ROI is not being achieved.
Dentists with the most successful marketing campaigns market their high-dollar services, because these are the ones that can really yield a high ROI. It’s much harder to make a good profit when you are marketing low value services, because the cost of acquisition remains the same. A prime-time radio commercial in a large market will cost $200 or more, regardless of whether you are selling $10,000 porcelain veneers or Ball Park franks.

One way RAMP helps in tracking ROI is by implementing tracking mechanisms like tracking URL’s and phone numbers. This not only allows activity to be monitored, but also gives us the ability to record and listen to calls. This can be extremely helpful for team training purposes. Your RAMP Account Advisor will provide an access log in and password so you and your team can access results.

Your account manager will also work with you to analyze your production numbers, assess your individual campaign success, and make tweaks to your campaign when necessary to make sure you are maximizing your ROI.   Make sure to take advantage of our ROI tracking Sheets and Investment monitoring techniques.

ROI Tracking Form